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Resident Clubs & Interest Groups

Nocatee is pleased to announce our newest Resident Clubs and Interest Groups. Please see the list below for initial meeting times, locations, and a brief description of each club.


If you have any questions please contact or (904) 924-6858.


The PRS Running Club
PRS Running Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
PRS Runing Club was founded by a group of friends who felt that the Jacksonville running community needed a running club where, on any given day of the week, runners of all abilities could meet up with their friends for a hard run and a good time. The PRS Running Club is expanding their weekly runs into the Nocatee community as an Interest Group for residents and non-residents. PRS Running Club will meet at 6:30pm every Tuesday at Dick’s Wings. After the run, runners will also be eligible for happy hour priced drinks all night at the bar, courtesy of Dick’s Wings. The PRS Running Club, with a mission of promoting and encouraging running by educating the community about the benefits of long distance running and endurance athletics, has monthly social events, annual running retreats, puts on fun races to bring new people into running (like the Bold City Beer Run Series and the Krispy Kreme Challenge), and provides scholarships to deserving local high school athletes.


The Nocatee Soccer Club
Nocatee Soccer club
Contact for Meeting Information.
Nocatee Soccer Club was created for Nocatee’s residents who are passionate about the most popular sport in the world, and like to be on the pitch. Soccer, as we know it, came from England in the 1800’s and it is now the most popular sport in Europe, Latin America, and one of the fastest growing sports in popularity in the US. Soccer is a physical, mental, and fun sport. If you like to be active, get your kicks and join your neighbors once a week for a great game. This interest group is for adults over the age of 17.


The Nocatee Surf Club
Nocatee Surf Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
Nocatee Surfing is an Interest Group for Residents who are surfers. We welcome all adult surfers of varying ability, from beginners to those who can “hang ten” or “smack the lip.” Whether you are looking to surf the dawn patrol or an after work session, Nocatee Surfing’s mission is to connect you to other Nocatee surfers and to provide a fun and safe surfing session. You can find the group by searching on Facebook for “Nocatee Surfing” and then selecting “Join Group.” In the Facebook group page, surfers can coordinate surf outings, ask for advice/tips about surfing and share stories about their latest sessions. Please e-mail for more information.


The 40+ Moms Club
40+ Moms
Contact for Meeting Information
The 40+ Moms Club was formed to bring Nocatee women together. Now that we are in our 40s and 50s, our kids are older and our priorities have shifted. If you have a kind spirit and are interested in getting together with other 40+ moms from Nocatee, then this club is for you. Club activities may include sharing meals, attending local cultural events, social parties, walking/biking/running/walking the community, road trips, cooking/baking together, shopping, home-oriented seasonal arts/crafts, etc. Whether you are part of the work force or a stay-at-home mom, you’re invited to join the club.



The Helping Hands of Nocatee
Helping Hands of Nocatee
Contact for Meeting Information
We are a group of residents that wanted to form an organization to help others in St. John’s County. We also wanted a place where our children could volunteer and see the value in helping others. That’s when Helping Hands of Nocatee was born. Helping Hands of Nocatee will be organizing a food drive and toy drive this year and we would love to have residents come out and support and help us. We have many ideas for next year as well and would love to have your input.



The Nocatee Women's Book Club
Nocatee Women’s Book Club
Contact for Meeting Information
The Nocatee Women’s Book Club meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm. We read mostly literary fiction and historical fiction but may read the occasional classic, beach read, or non-fiction book. Members volunteer to serve as discussion leaders each month and will use a predetermined set of generic discussion topics. Members suggest books and vote twice a year to choose 6 books at a time. Membership will be capped at 20 members, and attendance is limited to adult women only. For information about meeting locations and book suggestion submissions, email, or join the Nocatee Women’s Book Club group on Facebook. This club is currently at capacity.


The Pickleball Resident Club

Club scheduled play time:

Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun 9:00 a.m.-noon
Mon/Wed/Sun 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Club Family scheduled play time:
Mon 9:00 a.m.-noon

Thurs & Sun 6:30-9:30 p.m.

No guests during scheduled club play time.

Pickleball is a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong, and it’s one of the fastest growing sports in America.  For rules and how to keep score, please visit: or Members are required to furnish their own pickleballs and paddles. If you are interested in Pickleball, you can get started by purchasing your pickleball and paddles here:


Yoshin Dojo Classical Ju-Jutsu
Yoshin Dojo Classical Ju-jutsu
Monday & Friday 7:00-8:00pm Sundays 9:00-11:00am
“Yoshin Dojo – Classical Jujutsu” is residential club that instruct its members in the traditional Japanese art of self-defense called Ju-jutsu, the gentle or supple art. It is called the gentle art of self-defense because it teaches how to manipulate and control an attack by locking, twisting, bending, or striking the attacker in ways that causes the lease amount of pain and injury to both the defender and attacker. Classes in Hontai Yoshin Ryu (HYR) Jujutsu by Club leader, Jose Herrera, retired New Jersey Police Detective, with many years’ experience in the martial arts. HYR also includes the arts of drawing the Samurai sword, or Iaido, and the art of the wooden stick/staff, or bo-jutsu. Semi-annual seminars will be given by special guest martial arts experts and masters. Males and females ages twelve and above, first time students, those with prior martial arts experience and veterans are especially welcomed.


The Nocatee Tennis Group
Nocatee Tennis Group
Contact for Meeting Information.
A new interest group is being formed for women’s tennis. If you’re interested, please plan to come to the Nocatee Tennis Courts. Weekly matches will be held at the Nocatee Community Park, or as often as we can get at least 4 women together to play. RSVP to


The Nocatee Cycling Group
Nocatee Cycling Group
Regularly Scheduled Rides:
Tuesdays 10:00 AM- 17 miles
Nocatee Cycling interest group is open to cyclists interested in riding through the Nocatee and St Johns County area. This interest group is focused on using social media to help bicycle riders coordinate with riders who have the same interest. Whether you are looking for a casual ride, a racing group, early morning rides, or after work rides, Nocatee Cycling will connect you with fellow riders. Please connect with “Nocatee Cycling” on Facebook to find a list of upcoming rides.  We meet weekly in the Publix parking lot. Last minute changes to rides will be posted on the Nocatee Cycling Facebook page.



The Nocatee Knitting Club
Knitting Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
Come join your neighbors the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month and bring your knitting or crocheting projects. It will be a time for showing off your projects, getting new ideas and great conversation. Contact for meeting information.


The Nocatee Ballet Club
Nocatee Ballet Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
Ballet Club will start back up this September! The club offers its members, boys and girls, age 3 to 5 years old, lessons in creative movement and ballet. The lessons take place in the Fitness Studio on days and times indicated on the Activities Calendar. Yearly dues will be collected, per club member, in an amount to be determined after the introductory meeting. The dues will be based on how many members there will be and how much I will need to spend on equipment, music and supplies to conduct lessons properly. Please e-mail for further information.
The Real Housemoms of Nocatee
The Real HouseMoms of Nocatee
Contact for Meeting Information.
Welcome to The Real Housemoms of Nocatee! This group is for moms who are residents of Nocatee (any development!) to connect over playdates with our young ones. This group is best for children up to age five, but occasional playdates are scheduled with kids aged six-eight in mind.
We have bi-weekly Wednesday playdates set in advance for planning. Several other day events are scheduled every week – and you can add an event at any time! If you are a FT working mom, we hope that you can join us on vacation, holidays, summers or host a weekend playdate. Nannies/grandparents/fathers of children are welcome at our playdates, but we require the active Facebook member in this group be the mom. This group was started in an effort to get moms to meet across the developments in Nocatee.
In this group, we will take turns hosting park, home or local business playdates. All of these playdates will be free of cost! If you, as the host, choose to provide a snack/activity that is of cost during your playdate, you will be responsible only for the costs associated with that playdate. Older siblings are welcome to join the playdates, too, as long as they are not disruptive to “baby” activities. To join our group, don’t miss all of the action on our real club page on Facebook. You can find the group by searching on Facebook for “The Real Housemoms of Nocatee” and then selecting “Join Group”. This Facebook page will be where we keep up-to-date with events, Spotlight Moms, mom nights out & happenings near Nocatee for children-friendly events.We are looking forward to meeting you all soon!



The Nocatee Professionals Business Club
Nocatee Professionals Business Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
The Nocatee Business Professionals Club is for Nocatee residents who want to elevate their careers, grow their businesses, find new opportunities, learn from other professionals, and share ideas. The meetings will consist of open networking, 1-2 minute member introductions, and a featured member presentation. While most business networking groups focus on exchanging referrals, the Nocatee Business Professionals Club will focus on learning, comradery, and professional development and growth. Meetings are held monthly, typically mid-week from 6:00 to 7:00 PM. Meeting location and date is announced 2 weeks in advance.


The Masters Swim Club
Masters Swim Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
If you’re an adult that swims for exercise, is training for a triathlon or have been part of a Masters swim club before – this club is for you! The Masters Swim Club is an organized swimming program that encourages adults to improve fitness through swimming. Sessions will initially be scheduled each Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30am. Availability (or desire) may be limited at the proposed 5:30am Tuesday/Thursday time, so workout routines will be made accessible to those who wish to workout on their own time. An initial meeting will be held to discuss what type of workouts you are looking for (i.e., mixed stroke, freestyle, etc.), equipment availability, workout availability and proposed swimming time(s).
The Nocatee Bookworms
Nocatee Bookworms 
Contact for Meeting Information.
Nocatee Bookworms is a friendly, social gathering for all book lovers. The Bookworms club will mostly read fiction but are open to other genres. The club is limited to 20 members in efforts to keep all members engaged. Each member will get the chance to choose a book during their volunteered hosted month. Both male and female Residents welcome. The Bookworms will meet on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. During the meeting, we’ll discuss our thoughts and opinions of the book. This club is currently at capacity.

The Nocatee Basketball Club

Contact for Meeting Information.
Nocatee Basketball Club is a group being formed for men over the age of 17 who enjoy playing pickup basketball games. The days and times for the games will be indicated on the Events Calendar. The current location for games will be at the Nocatee basketball courts. Please e-mail for more information.”


The Nocatee Triathlon Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
The Nocatee Triathlon Club was created for Nocatee residents who are active or interested in triathlon. As a Club, they will have group training, social events, as well as educational opportunities to help experienced triathletes and newbies alike. Please e-mail for more information.
The Nocatee Motorcycle Club
Contact for Meeting Information.
The Nocatee Motorcycle Group is an Interest Group for Residents who enjoy riding motorcycles. The main purpose of this group is to share a common interest in riding and make new friends. Whether you’ve been riding for 30 years or just found your love for the “Iron Horse”, we are here to ride together. If you’re a new rider, just let us know, and we will work out a pace that doesn’t push you beyond your skill level. All motorcycle types are welcome to come and have fun! We will have 1-2 destinations rides per month and participate in the occasional charity ride. Please e-mail for more information
Contact for Meeting Information.
The Nocatee Beer Lovers Club is a Resident only interest group for those who love beer. This club will focus on everything from home brewing, beer tasting and food pairing,  to possible brewery/event trips, and most important, the friendships that start around a cold brew. The club will meet monthly to share beers and create a social environment around the growing craft beer movement. So grab the beer you would like to share, a glass and we will see you at our next gathering.  Please email clubs@nocatee for more information.
If you are interested in joining or starting a new club, please email